How it Works

The Open Public Safety Institute is an online course delivery platform. We believe given the proper medium, opportunities are created to learn for experts that otherwise would not be available to communities and agencies. As such, we provide a lot of flexibility and resources for all. 

For Instructors

The OPS Institute works as your support for your training seminars and classes. We provide you a managed hosting platform that is kept up-to-date, is upgraded for you, back up files ran, and system maintenance. You simply focus on your class and content. 

For Students

This is an open, competitive platform. This means instructors compete for your service. Varying factors may impact this such as instructor reputation, class quality, content, and cost. It is recommended that if you have questions or concerns before registering, to contact the instructor directly. You will find their contact information below the class title. Discounts, waivers, extensions, and certification are instructor discretion issues, and must be addressed through them.

Last modified: Monday, 21 September 2015, 10:34 AM